Weekly Photo Challenge: my 2012 in Pictures (Against the Light)

My year 2012 in pictures … what a challenge. I could make thousands of galleries. They would all tell a different story, yet they would be about the same person. We live multiple lives, even on the same day.

Below is one of these stories. It is about enjoying nature and arts.  About feeling wood, stone and water. About a few cows and a donkey. All shot on location in wonderful Switzerland. And most of the time I was looking against the light …

Love and light and a happy 2013 to all!

Click on pictures for better quality. All pictures ©2012 Apiedapie

Weekly Photo Challenge: unfocused (3) Bull Flash

Photo © Apiedapie 2011

Such a joy publishing unsharp photos … thanks to wordpress photo challenge …. this is a rodeo in Vermont. Yes, this is a bull, it really is!

More unsharp photos here (cougar) and here (Amsterdam Avenue).

Weekly Photo Challenge: unfocused (2) Amsterdam Avenue

Photo © Apiedapie 2011
Another unfocused photo  here (mountain lion) and here (raging bull).
Unfocused photos from others here.

Weekly Photo Challenge: unfocused (1) Life Sentence

Photo © Apiedapie 2011
Photo © Apiedapie 2011 Maine Wildlife Park, Gray, ME, USA
Even geherpubliceerd vanwege een wordpressactie. Oorspronkelijk geplaatst op 1 april 2012 met als titel “Levenslang”.
Hier staat er nog eentje (Amsterdam Avenue) and here another one (bull flash).
Wat andere vage plaatjes van over de hele wereld:
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