How stupid can you get?

Last weekend I ran a 10K road race and I came across this sign. I won’t reveal where exactly it was other than that it was somewhere in a city on the East Coast of the USA. I was so intrigued that I went back the following day with a photo camera. How can anyone think that anybody would take these stupid commands seriously?

1. Drive like your kids

Of course not! Not like my 12-year old son. But even if he was 18 I’d certainly not like to adopt his style of driving. Why would I?

2. Live here

And even if I came out of that car alive or without serious damage, I would of course not like to live with these people, who surely must be very sadly crazy.

I drove away, as stupefied as the day before. Over my head I heard a herring gull cry, it sounded like laughing.

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